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the fantastic four

Rose Wilder Lane "Baby Rose"

She's the badass of the bunch. More logic in her brain than any man since Jesus. Special talent - Making grown men cry.

Emma Goldman "Bambi"

Don't let her good looks fool ya - She really packs a punch. Special talent - Speaks Russian 

Wheeler McMillen "Wheelie"

Had the Farm Fever for 9 decades. A thorn in Monsanto's side. Chemurgy Advocate. 

Raymond "Holy" Moley

Punched the President so hard, it put him in a Wheelchair.

How to Keep Our Liberty

A Program For Political Action

Raymond Moley - 1952

The people of this nation are today presented with a choice between two forms of political and economic life. One form is that of our traditions, in which individual liberty prevails and is guarded by "the long, still grasp of law." The other is the dominance of the state in human affairs. With us the intrusion of the state is not a frightening threat. but a seemingly benign alternative to the perplexities, the anxieties, and the labors that must attend the possession of true liberty. My purpose is to describe this alternative and, for those who prefer liberty, to offer the means for its preservation. Merely too bewail a trend is not to correct it. The American wants to know what to do about it. Read More ->


Rose Wilder Lane - 1936

...I look at it now, and ask myself whether individualism has enough social vitality to survive in a world turning back to the essentially medieval, static forms. Can individualism, which by its very nature has no organization and no leader, stand against the attack of an organized, disciplined and controlled group?



Emma Goldman - 1940

...Of all social theories Anarchism alone steadfastly proclaims that society exists

for man, not man for society. The sole legitimate purpose of society is to serve the needs and advance the aspiration of the individual. Only by doing so can it justify its existence and be an aid to progress and culture.

...The individual is the true reality in life. A cosmos in himself, he does not exist for the State, nor for that abstraction called "society," or the "nation," which is only a collection of individuals. Man, the individual, has always been and, necessarily is the sole source and motive power of evolution and progress.

...Man's yearning for liberation from all authority and power will never be soothed by their cracked song. Man's quest for freedom from every shackle is eternal.  It must and will go on.    Read More ->


Anarchism in Medieval Ireland

...One of the crucial factors that permits governments to do the monstrous things they habitually do is the sense of legitimacy on the part of the stupefied public. The average citizen…has been imbued with the idea—carefully indoctrinated by centuries of governmental propaganda—that the government is his legitimate sovereign, and that it would be wicked or mad to refuse to obey its dictates. It is this sense of legitimacy that the State’s intellectuals have fostered over the ages, aided and abetted by all the trappings of legitimacy: flags, rituals, ceremonies, awards, constitutions, etc. (Rothbard 1973, p. 35) ... Read More ->

Give Me Liberty - 1936

Rose Wilder Lane

...Americans are still paying the price of individual liberty, which is individual responsibility and insecurity.

These unnoticed Americans are defending the principle on which this republic was founded, the principle that created this country and has, in fact, brought the greatest good to the greatest number. By such courage and endurance, the American principle has been successfully defended, time after time, for more than a century.   Read More

More coming soon...

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