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The Ghost killer of pike county ohio

Authored by "ANON"


The book will finished by Thanksgiving 2023. Updates monthly. The book was started Christmas Day. Last update was 3-10-23. Next 6-01-23

Author's Note: There is a reason why this case is the most secretive murder mystery in history (Ohio Supreme Court Case #2016-1153). 

The author is currently busy making videos for the Whodunnit Arg so the next book update may occur in June - or be delayed again. No big deal - the videos will be a part of the digital book and there will over 500 hours of video to be included. So sit back and enjoy the videos for now... See below for special vid.

Whodunit Special Video Above



Secret, Secrets

I know them all

Winter Spring Summer and Fall

A Mason jar makes no sound

If it ain't dropped

... on the ground

The book is in parts - Part 1 below -- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

(Some pages may take a while to load)

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