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The Revolution will be led by the "Flying Ase's"


This is a special congratulations to Kurt Yochum (Highland County, Ohio) and Faith Media for getting our first nationally released movie out there. I personally wanted to use an exact replica of O.J. Simpson's Bronco but I think the Bronco style chosen was more appropriate. The movie was loosely inspired by the '79 Classic "Death Car on the Freeway".  Click on the image to the left for a news article on the screening I attended.


The Hellbenders 2 (2028) - This film will be very distant sequel from the original 1967 classic and was loosely inspired by a short film titled "Wayward" (2021). It will also incorporate a large amount of scenes stolen from other films - especially the 1970 movie "Wild Women". (For obvious personal reasons) This film will take 6 years to produce - the final film may be drastically changed from the original plot lines. 

Southern Ohio (Briar Nation) - In the year 2029, President Chelsea Clinton orders the resettlement of all Anabaptists to designated cities. Special "camps" are setup in the cities specifically for the Anabaptists. The U.S. government plans to build a massive nuclear plant in the heart of southern Ohio that will power all of North and South America. The land in 2030 will be entirely owned by Bill Gates and China.

The film will center on Hannah ( a real Amish name) - age approximately 16 years old. There will be 7 other character lines developed , for a total of 8 plot lines being blended together.  

The movie plot so far..

Hannah is a typical Amish teen girl living with here family in Southern Ohio.  Hannah begins a relationship with a local boy (David) several years older and not Amish. He's Catholic. David's father is rumored to be a secret hitman for the government. As a masked agent, he does jobs that law enforcement won'r or can't do. He is also possibly affiliated with the "Rosicrucian's".

At some point in time, Hannah's mother and father forbid her from seeing David and Hannah is forced to choose between her lover and her family.

Meanwhile... the Amish community hears talk of another war for independence - A Revolution. They know revolutions are inevitable with every government. The old "bad" government is "thrown out" - and a new "good" government is sent to replace the old one. This cycle of revolutions have continued for hundreds of years because the non-Anabaptist goy fail to see the error of their ways.

The Amish are anarchists - they do not believe in the cycle of Revolutions. They are the wise ones - God's chosen people. Jesus Christ was an anarchist, don't you know.

The Amish of southern Ohio don't want to take part in the war, or to fight for another government that will eventually fail just the same as the last one. But each Amish family and each community must face the fact that war is inevitable and decisions must be made.

Hannah has an Aunt (Rebecca), who is sympathetic to Hannah and David's relationship situation. Rebecca will have a key role in the movie. She is approximately 30 years old and facing some difficult changes and choices in her own life.

These are the basic elements of the movie so far. More characters and scenes will need to be meshed in.

General McArthur is back. A southern Ohio movie can't exist without a McArthur. In the movie a descendent of the General will make his own plans for the war.

The situation is this - the Canadian military has joined forces with the U.S. military to suppress the anti-government revolutionaries. The McArthur character and his "Rowdy Mack's" gang from Turkey Ridge, will conduct a surprise raid in to Canada through Michigan. They will burn all of Michigan just for fun, but also strategic reasons.

The Canadian army in 2030 is now made up of entirely of transgender women (men who wear a wig and skirts). They call themselves the rainbow unicorns. The commanders in the army are those with the largest stick. Every Sunday night they gather for butt stabbing parties and worship pagan gods with naked chickens running amok.

This is when McArthur will strike. It is a complete surprise and total annihilation. A long bloody spaghetti western style scene will end with a flying penis that will have symbolic meaning.

Another character in the movie will come from a 1932 film - also titled Wayward. A mother loves her son so much, that she is willing to kill for him. She hires 3 hitmen - they fail - the job gets botched. A scheme is conducted to cover it all up. David's father has information that will complete a plot line. 

A scene from the original movie must also be included but I haven't decided which one yet. It will be modified to include a buggy with a "false bottom" and / or a coffin.

Also in the movie will be a short plot covering the 2030 world square dancing championship in south shore Kentucky. The Chinese insist on keeping the championship on schedule despite the looming revolution. A young Amish girl has been training her entire life for the event and one the characters in the movie must ensure she makes it there despite all the chaos.
The soundtrack will be not be done by Ennio , but by me alone. (The 1967 film would only be half as good without the Morricone score.) I will definitely blend in real Amish singing - the songs sung at weddings.

Casting for the movie will begin in 2025. The role of Rebecca has already been cast. I know someone who is perfect for the part. All other roles are open.

The girl that plays the Hannah character must have one feature - attractive feet. In order to satisfy the large foot fetish crowd, there will be many barefoot scenes. Also, Amish women and girls typically do everything barefoot and the movie must be true to reality.

Lastly, one of the Amish girls in this film will witness the brutal murder of her mother by the hands of an American soldier. She will become the lead character in Kill Bill 4. Why 4? Because 1 and 2 are actually one film. Kill Bill 3 is the second movie - so 4 completes the trilogy. (Bill Gates is installed as the U.S. President in 2032 after Clinton is poisoned)

(Her name is Sallie - A descendant of a white Shawnee woman kidnapped at birth. Sallie learned to speak and learn the German language to join an Amish colony at the age of ten.)


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